A good head and a good heart
are always a formidable combination.


iWASH Africa has adopted a unique solution that has been developed using an integrated approach, bringing together different technologies to solve a community’s water and sanitation problem in a holistic manner.

This integrated solution involves three components

  • Construction of a micro flush bio digester toilet with a rainwater harvesting system.
  • Construction of a 20,000 solar powered water provision system (borehole).
  • Awareness raising and capacity building on best practices in water and sanitation through:
    • School outreach – educating school children using computer programmes.
    • Community fora – sensitizing inhabitants through public discourse, music and drama in the local dialect.
    • Training young people to develop skills in managing and building small water systems.
This green solution is self-sustainable and scalable after the first year of operation and it can be extended to other needy communities with limited external support.

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